Are you looking at stocking Two-Lions CBD for your store or business?

We can offer wholesale pricing on any Two-Lions CBD products through our UK distributor PureSativa. They cater to shops all across the UK and throughout Europe and have been in business for the last 20 years.

Free to Sign up with No MOQ

It's Free to Sign Up for Wholesale Account over at PureSativa. They also make it super convenient in terms of ordering where they have No Minimum Order Quantity spend on any of their products including Two-Lions. 

Once authorised (after submitting the registration form) you'll be able to log back into PureSativa and view and place your order from anything in the store at Wholesale price. Checkout as per normal in order to submit your order. Don't worry, no money will be asked at this stage this only registers the order.

Once an order is placed we will access your order and have it sourced and packed (dependent that all items are in stock). We will then email you a pro-forma invoice for a bank transfer. Once money has been transferred your goods will be out on next day delivery. (No money is taken at the checkout, all invoices must be cleared via bank transfer, all details will be emailed to you to transfer the correct money into the correct bank account).

How long before I get access to wholesale pricing

PureSativa aims to open any account within three working days of submitting your registration. If you do not hear back from them then please email us at and we will chase it up for you.